Pastoral Care & Wellbeing

At St Michael’s we promote being… A People of Harmony, A Place of Challenge.

We endeavour to be “God like” in our relationships with each other and the environment. The rainbow is a sign of God’s promise to God’s people.

We strive for excellent behaviour from all in our community, at all times. To ensure this endeavour is successful, we currently have St Michael’s Whole School Positive Behaviour Support Program in place. The program supports, encourages and congratulates achievements and positive behaviour of the students. Social and emotional learning is incorporated into classroom experiences.

Explicit teaching of our overarching rules – Be Safe, Be Responsible, Be Respectful and Be a Learner.

Students are recognised for their positive learning choices through the presentation of our "Harmony Awards' every Friday morning. Once a term, some students also receive a 'Rainbow Award' for displaying our school values consistently. 

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School Welfare Officer

Student welfare encompasses the mental, physical and emotional well-being of students. The Student Welfare Officer (SWO) is part of the St Michael's whole school approach to promoting health and wellbeing within the school community. The SWO works to continue the positive and engaging school culture and to support students who are at risk of disengagement and not achieving their educational potential. The SWO works with students, teachers and the broader school community to enhance student health and wellbeing, engagement, retention, academic achievement and the acquisition of life skills. At St Michaels the SWO is focused on supporting the school and students to create a positive and engaging school environment that promotes the health, wellbeing and learning outcomes of students through improving resilience, coping skills, personal engagement, a sense of belonging and life skills.

School Counsellor

CatholicCare and the Catholic Education Office provide the school with a Counsellor for half a day each week. The role of the Counsellor is to be available to parents, students and teachers who seek advice or help with social or behavioural problems. Parents may request an interview with the Counsellor by contacting the Principal or Counsellor directly and completing a referral form. If teachers wish to refer a student to the Counsellor, parents are contacted and permission is sought beforehand via a written referral form.

KidsMatter & Be You

St Michael’s Primary School is a KidsMatter School, utilising a mental health and wellbeing framework for primary schools that is proven to make a positive difference to the lives of Australian children. 

KidsMatter Primary provides the methods, tools and support to help schools work with parents and carers, health services and the wider community, to nurture happy, balanced kids.

We have also become the 'Be You' journey. Be You builds on the success and learnings from five existing programs aimed at promoting social and emotional health and wellbeing for children and young people in the education space: KidsMatter Early Childhood, KidsMatter Primary, MindMatters, Response Ability and headspace School Support. Be You is building on the evidence base and ten years of experience of these programs. These programs are now integrated into Be You – one single, national initiative delivered through early learning services, primary and secondary schools.


Berry Street Education Model

The Berry Street Education Model provides schools with the training, curriculum and strategies to engage even the most challenging students. This education initiative is different because it is based on proven positive education, trauma-informed and wellbeing practices that enable students’ academic and personal growth. The model is unique because it educates schools and their leaders to reinforce and sustain cognitive and behavioural change, thereby re-engaging young people in learning and progressing their academic achievement.