St Michael’s Primary School follows the Australian Curriculum. This curriculum enhances and supports the provision of a comprehensive and balanced curriculum for all ACT students from preschool to year 10. Implementation continues across all learning areas in-line with the document


The Australian Curriculum describes a learning entitlement for each Australian student that provides a foundation for successful, lifelong learning and participation in the Australian community. It acknowledges that the needs and interests of students will vary, and that schools and teachers will plan from the curriculum in ways that respond to those needs and interests. The Australian Curriculum acknowledges the changing ways in which young people will learn and the challenges that will continue to shape their learning in the future. The Australian Curriculum sets out what all young people should be taught through the specification of curriculum content and the learning expected at points in their schooling through the specification of achievement standards.  ( )


St Michael’s staff uses the guidelines provided by the relevant authorities to make decisions about curriculum for our students. Organisationally we aim to maximise opportunities for each student to access learning, which will provide the skills and knowledge needed for success.


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