Health and Physical Education

At St Michael’s students are involved in a variety of sports, which aim to improve physical fitness and co-ordination, promote health, and build teamwork skills. Our emphasis is on enjoyment, skill development and willing participation. Our Health curriculum focuses on healthy living, emotional literacy, and wellbeing. 

In K-2, the emphasis is on the development of motor skills, coordination, and team participation. All students in K-2, participate in an intensive Gross Motor Program.

Regular exercise and fitness are an integral component of the curriculum. Each year the school applies for sporting grants to offer a variety of sports clinics for students from K-6.

Our swimming, athletics and cross country carnivals provide our students with the opportunity to represent their school sporting house and to gain selection to regional, state and national teams through the School Sport ACT pathway. If there is sufficient interest, St Michael’s enters teams in a variety of gala days offered by local sporting organisations and clubs.