St Michael’s has a ‘hands on’ approach to Mathematics where the students are involved in mathematics based on life-skills.

Mathematics involves observing, representing and investigating patterns and relationships in social and physical phenomena and between mathematical objects themselves. The beliefs, values and assumptions about Mathematics and about students’ learning in Mathematics which underpin the curriculum are:

  • Mathematics is versatile;
  • Mathematics is responsive to change;
  • Students should be actively involved in their Mathematics learning;
  • Mathematics learning should be valued and build upon what students know;
  • Mathematics learning should be accessible to every student
  • Students’ perspective of Mathematics arises from their real-world experiences and interests;
  • Learning in Mathematics may be achieved through a variety of learning styles; and
  • Students need to talk and write about Mathematics.

At St Michael’s School we also have a dedicated Numeracy Block, which is a one hour block wholly devoted to improve and challenge students’ numeracy skills. Through the structure of the Numeracy Block, students are provided with the opportunity to work as a whole class and in small groups with similar needs; as they are challenged to apply and discuss numeracy strategies. In the Numeracy Block explicit teaching and learning practices are in place; along with opportunities for Inquiry and application.