Our School

At St Michael's Primary School, Kaleen, being a people of harmony and a place of challenge ensures we welcome everyone in an inclusive and respectful way. To 'Live in Harmony' is the benchmark by which we measure our life and journey together. The school achieves this mission by working with students, parents and the wider community, integrating our Catholic faith with contemporary life, and embedding Gospel values through our policies, structures and relationships.

Members of our community strive to live with the values of acceptance, respect, cooperation, honesty, justice, integrity, personal wellbeing and understanding. Our staff nurtures each child's unique gifts by providing a targeted curriculum which caters for individual needs and facilitates personal and academic growth, and faith formation. 

Our contemporary indoor and outdoor learning spaces, provide a variety of flexible learning environments. Teachers and students enjoy innovative, differentiated and focussed teaching and learning experiences.

St Michael's provides opportunities for young people to creatively participate in a wide range of activities. The authentic integration of technologies and design thinking into the everyday teaching and learning at St Michael's is an ongoing feature of our strategic plan.