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March 25 Newsletter

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Uniform Free Day - Harmony Day

At St Michael's, we will be celebrating Harmony Day on Wednesday next week (25 March). To celebrate this, we will be having Uniform Free Day. Students are allowed to wear their casual clothes. Reminder, students must still wear enclosed shoes and a hat (can be a school hat). No money is needed to be donated. This is an awareness raising event. 

March 18 Newsletter

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Book Fair

Just a reminder that Book Fair will still proceed this week and is on this afternoon and every afternoon this week as well as in the morning before school from 8.20am. Come and purchase a book and support our library. 

Year 5/6 Camp Postponed

It is disappointing but the Year 5/6 Camp is postponed until later in the year. An email will be sent shortly explaining. Thank you for your understanding and support.

Book Fair

A reminder - Book Fair is open this week. Book Fair will be open before (from 8.20am) and after school (til 4pm)every day this week. As we have Year 5/6 Camp this week, I would encourage parents with children in 5/6 to bring them through on Monday and/or Tuesday to make any purchases they woudl like. 

March 11 Newsletter

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March 3 Newsletter

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Phone Lines

Please note that we are experiecing some difficulty with our phone lines at present. They are dropping in and out and we seem to have only one line coming in at the moment, which means if we are on the phone, it will automatically go to messagebank. We have migrated to NBN and there seems to be some challenges. Please be patient with us (as we are being patient with our provider). Emailing the school is also an option if you can't get through. Thank you for your understanding.