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June 9 Newsletter

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Telephone System Down

The telephone lines to the school have been disconnected to make way for our new telephone system.  Unfortunately they disconnected the numbers a little early.

For all emergencies, please call 0408 691 986 or you can email the school and someone will make contact with you.

We apologies for this inconvenience and hope to have the problem recitified as soon as possible.

June 2 Newsletter

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May 26 Newsletter

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Student Absences no longer via Schoolzine

We have sent out logins and passwords for the Compass Parent Portal which will now be our main point of contact for student absences, events and notifications.

You will no longer be able to notify student absences via the Schoolzine app or SeeSaw.  

Thank you for supporting us as we implement CE guidelines around communication and absences.

May 19 Newsletter

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Compass Sign In/Out Portal

Thank you for your continued support as we implement this new system from Catholic Education.  School starts at 8.50am and if your child/ren arrive late you will need to sign them in at the Front Office via the Compass Kiosk, not through the Compass app.

I am aware that this a change to procedures in the past, however we are legally obliged to follow system directives. 

Please support our Front Office staff who are doing their best to assist you and implement new system procedures.

We appreciate any feedback via email and will forward this to Catholic Education so that together we can make the systems more user friendly for everyone.

Many Thanks,
Judy Egan

May 12 Newsletter

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Compass Sign In/Out Portal

Catholic Education have now installed our Compass Kiosk where parents/carers need to sign students in and out if they are late for school in the moring or leaving the school during the day.

We encourage all parents to download the Parent Portal which is now the place for recording all attendance/absences.  We will soon be phasing out the Schoolzine app and using the Parent Portal for all communication.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during the transition period.

May 5 Newsletter

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