St Michael's Primary School Kaleen, ACT 2617 


 A People of Harmony, A Place of Challenge


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Message from the Principal

Welcome to St Michael's Primary School web site. We are a Catholic Systemic School in the Kaleen and Giralang Parish, catering for 195 students and their families. Currently we have eight classes from Kindergarten to Year 6 with an average class size of 25.


At St Michael's, the staff, students and parish strive to provide an integrated approach to education. The community integrates their faith with contemporary life; and Gospel values are reflected in our policies, structures and relationships.


We acknowledge parents as prime educators in their child's education. It is certainly our privilege to work with you and to share with you the responsibilities of educating your child in preparation for the future. It is when parents and teachers work together that education becomes meaningful.


St Michael's School Motto is 'Live In Harmony'. It symbolises our desire to live in harmony with God, self, others and our environment. Each member of the St Michael's community, including the Parish Priest and parishioners are encouraged to live in harmony by becoming directly involved in school activities and programs and sharing their unique gifts with the community. Harmony happens when people make a commitment to help one another and to work towards a common purpose.


Teaching and learning are the core business of our school. We acknowledge each individual's learning style, challenge each person to reach his or her potential, and appreciate that learning takes place in a myriad of ways, happens all the time, and is life-long. Our community designs, supports and nurtures a flexible, durable and effective learning environment, which will define a progressive future for our children.


Our patron saint, St Michael the Archangel, continues to guide and protect the St Michael's community. The image of the "Angel of the Future" is a beautiful, contemporary symbol which maintains the aspect of protection, while guiding us through a rapidly changing future.  Its vibrant rainbow colours beautifully  echo our logo, representing the harmony of living and working together. As we face future challenges together, we recognise the angel as a true helper – here, now, for all; imparting hope, peace, healing and wisdom to the world.

The painting 'Angel of the Future' was created by Cynthia Smith Stibolt. This painting was presented to our school in 2012 by the School Community Council, during the celebration of 30 years of quality education at St Michael's.



I look forward to personally welcoming you to St Michael's community in the near future.


Patrick Ellis

Acting Principal