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Newsletter Week 3 – The Remote Learning Edition 

Religious Education

Remote Learning continues to offer us the chance to explore Religious Education lessons in different ways. The students in K-2 are learning about parables. Parables are stories Jesus told that have a message. In Jesus’ time telling stories like this was a very common teaching method. Other cultures have different stories with a message, like Aeosop’s Fables.  Students in K-2 are exploring the meaning of different parables and considering how the key messages apply to our own lives today. Some of the parables they have looked at include: the mustard seed, the lost coin, the lost sheep, the lost son, the two builders, the Good Samaritan and the unforgiving servant. These children have been very busy!!

Religious Life

First Reconciliation

Books have been sent home for preparation for First Reconciliation in November.  A reminder that registrations are currently open through the parish website.

Global Schools Partners

Our friend Simon from Global Schools Partners is taking part in a challenge called 20X20 Challenge. He is riding 20km each day for 20 days to raise money for the schools in Kenya. See more about this at: .

Catholic Mission

October is World Mission Month, a celebration of the global work of the Church and the dedication of missionaries, both religious and lay, as they reach out and support children and communities in need around the world.

On World Mission Sunday, which falls on 24 October 2021, parish communities around the world will gather to pray for and raise funds to support the work of thousands of crucial church-run programs. The following Wednesday, 27 October, is Children’s Mission Day, when our school can celebrate fully through Socktober. At St Michael’s we will be exploring different ways we can learn about the work being done around the world to support those in poverty.

World Mission Month is our biggest celebration at Catholic Mission, and it is a special time when we are reminded of the often-unseen work of missionaries in the farthest corners of the globe.