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Principal's Page - Judy Egan

Dear Parents/Carers,

At St Michael’s we see the awards process as an expression of our commitment to promoting positive behaviours and productive relationships as outlined in the Student Welfare and Behaviour Management Policy.  We believe that every child is special and deserves to feel valued and rewarded in many ways. We actively promote and agree to follow the '4 Bees'. These expectations will help us achieve our aims and support all to feel safe and supported in their learning: Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible and Be a Learner.

We also emphasize our 5 Keys for learning, Collaboration, Perseverance, Creativity, Questioning and Exploration.

Harmony Awards are given each week. The wording of these awards is often around the 4 Bees or the Keys for Learning. We endeavour to give every child a Harmony Award over the year.

Rainbow Awards are given at the closure of each term to 2 students from each class. These often recognise academic achievement, excellent effort and consistent contribution to upholding school values.

At the conclusion of the year Rainbow Award recipients receive further recognition by having the opportunity to participate in an organised celebration. In Term 4, Year 6 students are nominated for 3 school awards recognising Community Service, Academic Excellence and Pastoral Care and Christian Values.

We strive to recognise the talents, gifts, and uniqueness of every child at our school by challenging our students to give their best and to live in harmony. We work with all students to set goals and face difficulties with resilience and confidence. The second verse of our school prayer expresses this desire to learn and grow together and is truly a prayer for our whole community.

“Jesus, today I invite you into my heart

So that I may live in harmony with those around me

And have the courage to face the things I find difficult”

St Michael's Regal Themed Trivia Night

The St Michael's Regal Themed Trivia night is being held on Friday 13th August.  Please book your table on the google doc below and pay for your ticket on QKR, under Community Council Events.

Many blessings,

Judy Egan


There is a pay option on COMPASS which we have been advised by CE is set up and ready to use.  However, it should only be used for events that require payment as there are certain charges to you on some payments. We would still encourage you to use QKR as a preferred payment option.

Please assist us by ensuring you log into COMPASS to update unexplained absences.  We still have quite a few unexplained absences in the system that require an explanation.

Thank you for working with us as we implement the new systems.