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Amazing Art! - Jane McKeough

Aboriginal Cave and Rock Art

In Visual Art lessons we have been learning about symbolism, techniques and the use of natural pigments used in Aboriginal art. Australian Aboriginal art contains many different symbols. These help the artist tell a story or give meaning to the picture they create. The symbols tell about the people and meeting places as well as creating a unique style for the artist. These may change around Australia as there are many different Aboriginal groups who use quite different painting styles.

Hi, my name is Samuel Mitchell. My family and I have been lucky enough to go and see a lot of Aboriginal rock and cave art because we used to live in the Northern Territory and that is where some of the most famous rock art is located.

One day we left Darwin and headed to Kakadu National Park. We arrived at Ubirr where we walked a trail to view Aboriginal Art. The rock art depicts traditional foods and tells stories about law and creation.

Later we climbed a big rugged rock that was very slippery so that we could look over the Nadab floodplain. It was an amazing view. At sunset a man played a didgeridoo. I’ve been there three times.