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Religious Education Curriculum



This term in Kindergarten we have had a look into Jesus' teachings of love, compassion, forgiveness and choices. This is through knowing that God gave us the freedom of choice. Jesus also taught us right from wrong through the Gospel stories and that we learn right from wrong from our experiences. 

Religious Life of St Michael’s School Community

St Vincent de Paul Winter Woolies Day and Stay Out

Friday 18th June will be our annual St Vincent de Paul Winter Woolies Day and Stay Out event. On Friday 18th June all children are invited to wear their own choice of warm clothing to school and bring donations of warm winter woollies for donating to St Vincent de Paul. St VdP are in high need of blankets, warm coats, gloves and socks for use by the homeless and those in need in Canberra’s community. You are also invited to send in donations of toiletries items for creating dignity packs for the homeless. Suggestions for these packs are soap/body wash, toothbrush and toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo and conditioner and hand-cream.

From 4pm students are invited back to school to participate in the Stay Out. They will enjoy a visit from the St Vincent de Paul Night Patrol Van and activities run by the St Vincent de Paul Ministry, including a ‘homelessness’ experience outside in the dark. Children will have a soup and bread roll dinner like from the soup kitchens run for the homeless and help put together the dignity packs using donated toiletries items. A letter outlining more details and a permission note went home last week and a copy is available on our website.

Youth Mass

A reminder that the second last Sunday of each month is the Youth Mass in Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish. This is celebrated at the 5:30pm Mass at St Michael’s each month. Following Mass there are games and food for the young people. The next Youth Mass will be on Sunday 20th June. 

Our Lady of Perpetual Help Feast Day

The feast of Our Lady of Perpetual Help (our parish patron) is June 27. As a parish, the two schools within it (St Michael’s and St Monica’s Primary Schools) will hold simultaneous days of celebration on Friday 25th June as the last day of term. Due to ongoing COVID restrictions we are still unable to come together as the two schools but will hold these celebrations in our own school contexts. At St Michael’s from 9:00 – 12:30 students will be involved in multi-age groups participating in a range of prayer, reflective, physical and creative activities organised by the teaching staff. We will hold a special prayer liturgy at St Michael’s Church at 1:00pm to which families are all invited. Students will spend some time back in their own classes after lunch.

Global School Partners

Hi St Michael’s Primary, 

GSP has fund raised and provided all our schools, including Jariah, with these essential first aid supplies to assist them with the required COVID precautions and with everyday incidents in schools. Without your Support none of this would be possible, so thank you.

Warm regards,