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Rainbow Awards

Congratulations to the following students who achieved a Rainbow Award in Term 2. harmony bee.jpg Awards will be presented at Friday morning's assembly in the Church.

Well done!!   





Felix W 

Felix is a hard working, conscientious and kind student. He always tries his best at any task and contributes positively during class discussions. It has been positive to see Felix come out of his shell this term and grow in his confidence and self-belief. He is a quiet listener and brings a calm energy to the classroom. Well done Felix!

Madeleine C

Madeleine is a great role model for her peers. She demonstrates the 4B’s throughout each day and reminds her class of the 4B’s each morning during prayer time. Madeleine's love of learning is clear in her dedication to completing her work to a high standard. She is a confident, bubbly and kind member of our class. Well done! 


Allegra B

Allegra is a patient and kind student who applies herself to all tasks with 100% effort. She is a positive role model to her peers, following school rules consistently. Allegra is respectful to teachers and other students. She uses feedback to improve her learning and achieve her goals. Allegra works cooperatively with others and is held in high regard by her classmates. Well done!

Milos Z

Milos is a kind-hearted student who goes out of his way to help his peers and teachers. He tries his best with every task and is constantly striving for improvement. Milos is respectful in his interactions with staff and other students. His positive attitude and enthusiasm for learning is to be commended. Well done, Milos!


Ned C

Ned is a hardworking and diligent student, who always brings an aura of positivity to the classroom. His sense of humor is a great asset and his personal growth mindset has seen him flourish throughout this semester. Ned sets a great example for others and is always willing to take on feedback to help him grow. Great work Ned!   

Zara C

Zara is a warm and happy student, who always brings a smile to school. She sets herself a very high standard across all subject areas and is always willing to help others within the class. She is a confident student and is always working hard to excel academically. Keep pushing yourself Zara! 


Olivia S

Olivia always has a smile on her face and is always willing to help in the classroom. She tries her best, applies herself to all set tasks and always completes things in a timely manner. Olivia constantly strives to improve and shows care to all. She consistently follows the school rules and is a fantastic role model to others. Congratulations Olivia!

Oscar W

Oscar is a kind and thoughtful class member. He is always looking after his classmates and helps them out and comforts them when there is a problem. Oscar tries his best in his work and shows respect to others. He is a focused learner who has grown in his resilience when faced with challenges. Well Done Oscar!


Josh P

Josh is a kind and caring classmate. He always goes out of his way to help his teachers and his peers without being asked or wanting a reward. Josh is an example to others through his consistent display of the 4Bs. He is respectful to others, always acts with responsibility, and is an avid learner. Well done Josh!

Sierra T

Sierra is a respectful and thoughtful classmate. She always helps her peers with their work and is a friend to all she meets. Sierra consistently follows the school rules, displaying the keys for learning, and is an example to her peers. She always tries her best in her work and strives to improve her learning by taking on feedback. Well done Sierra!


Toby M

Toby is a thoughtful and kind member of the class. He willingly assists his peers and works cooperatively in groups. Toby understands and demonstrates the 4B’s of St Michael’s. He is always safe and respectful in his play and work. Toby strives to be responsible in all that he does and is an active learner in the classroom. He is commended for his efforts this term. 

Desan P

Desan is always respectful and caring in his interactions with staff and students. He goes out of his way to be helpful to all. Desan demonstrates his understanding of the importance for safe play and work. He works diligently, showing responsibility and striving to improve himself in all learning areas. Desan is commended for his efforts this term and encouraged to continue to shine in his future learning. 


Katie P 

Katie is a kind and thoughtful class member that goes out of her way to assist others and improve their day. She quietly completes tasks and is using the key of questioning to ensure she understands on a deeper level. Katie is a conscientious student who has worked hard to manage her time and workload, achieving positive results. Well done Katie!

Cameron W

Cameron has taken on this role as a leader with confidence and responsibility. He always is the first to offer assistance to his peers and younger students. He is aware of how he learns best and is able to manage his time appropriately to ensure he completes his work to a high standard. Well done Cameron!!!


Grace A

Grace is a student who consistently strives to showcase her best, not only within her learning but also within her interactions with others. She understands and demonstrates the 4B’s each day which allows her to create and maintain positive relationships. Grace always has a smile on her face and genuinely wants the best for everyone. Her warm and bubbly personality makes her a great asset to the class. Well done Grace!

Jayden S

Jayden is a kind hearted and polite student. He consistently strives to showcase his best learning within all subject areas and is starting to make great connections within his learning. He always shows the 4B’s in his everyday interactions with both his peers and teachers. Jayden’s wonderful sense of humour and comical personality makes him a valuable member of 5/6. Congratulations Jayden!