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Principal's Page - Judy Egan

Dear Parents/Carers,

Many of you may be aware that the Bradnam family have been with their amazing little man Jack (1/2B) in Sydney while he is recovering from a serious illness. Melissa and Jamie would like to pass on the following message.

“We thank you all for the love, prayers and support we are receiving from the St Michael’s community. Blood donations have helped Jack considerably and we would love to encourage our community of family and friends to donate blood and save other lives in the future.”

Please consider donating blood and continue to join us in sending our love and prayers to Jack and his family during this tough time.

Athletics Carnival

We were able to run all our races and have a wonderful Athletics Carnival on Friday, despite the weather forecast. Thank you to all the parents/carers who came along and helped at the event and to the generous families who cooked the BBQ lunch when we returned to school. Special thanks to Erin Hardwicke and her band of teacher helpers who put together a great event- well done all!

St Vincent de Paul Stay Out

All the information for this event went home last week and is on the Compass Portal (under the section opt in event). It’s a great experience for our children to understand about homelessness. This is our small version of the bigger community event, so please be generous in donating to those less fortunate.

Semester One Reports

Reports will be issued by the Compass Portal on Monday 21 June. We have been advised by CE that there will be no paper reports issued. There will be an opportunity to book an appointment via the Compass Portal to chat with your child’s teacher on Tuesday 22 June, Wednesday 23 June and Thursday 24 June.  Appointments can now be booked in, you should have received information via the portal with booking times for your child. Please contact your child’s teacher if you need to make alternative arrangements.

It is important to acknowledge that report time can sometimes be a stressful time for students and families. It’s a great chance to talk with your child about his/her strengths and to look at challenges as opportunities for growth. We want our children to have a ‘growth mindset’ around their learning and to understand that learning and growth takes time and effort. Here are some important statements around growth mindset, that you can use for discussion.


Fixed Mindset

Growth Mindset

I give up

I can’t do it

This is too hard

I’m not good at this

I’ll never be as smart as them

What am I missing?

Mistakes help me improve

I’ll use some of the strategies I’ve learned

I’m going to train my brain to do it

I’m going to figure out what that person did and try it

We are truly blessed at St Michael’s to have such a wonderful and supportive community,

Thank you for everything you are doing to support us,

Warm wishes,

Judy Egan