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Community Council - Virtual Trivia Night


2.jpgOn Saturday we hosted a very different - but still super fun - St Michael’s Trivia Night! Unfortunately we couldn’t dress up and get together in the hall so we took it to Zoom.

Seeing as we are all stuck at home, we thought a travel theme was in order. Mr Webb - dressed as pilot Ice Man from Top Gun - and was quiz master from his office. Meanwhile, three of our mums (Esther, Serae and Emma) hit the road dressed as French flight attendants delivering prizes to every family between rounds.

Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, Mr Webb was able to cross to our flight attendants as they visited each family at home and captured every gleeful, squealing child as they ran to accept their prizes.

While we may not have been able to be together, it was certainly a fun night. Each family chose a country and some really got into the spirit with food and costumes.

First Prize:  Cox/Bickley Families

Best Dressed & Country Greeting:  Butler/Lua Lua Families

Best Setting:  Keogh Family

Family Talent:  Buckley Family

Last Place:  Knight/Glover Families

Congratulations to all and thanks to everyone who participated.

3.jpgWe must also thank our sponsors for the night:

- The Lazy Grazer

- Bruce Super Convenience

- Three Mills Bakery

- Big W

- The Athlete’s Foot

- North Canberra Bears Rugby Club

- Little Sandpiper Play Centre

- Wax Monkey

- Andro’s Cup and Bake

- Independent Property Group Belconnen

Please support those companies who support us!