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Religious Education Curriculum

3/4 are investigating various images of God and considering how these impact their


prayer relationship with God.

In Religion we have been learning about our image of God and also creating an image of how we see God. At the start most of us thought he was a large man with a brown beard and white clothes.  We looked at God as rain, God as fire and God as the potter. We had photos of our mums and looked at God as mother. He is like a mother because he created us and he is caring, loving and kind. Jimmy D  

I see God in kindness, love and respect because God is loving. He is kind and always listens to what we all have to say. I also see God in nature, space and the world because God made nature so that we could live and love one another and He made the world and space.  Katie

I see God in nature because He created the earth. Nature is the earth and we need to respect it. I also see God in people. People who are kind, positive and loving. I see God in bread and wine because that was the last meal Jesus had before he died. Sierra B

We all see our God in so many different places, like in our home and in most families and friends. In our nature, at home or at school. We can all feel peace from the sight of fresh flowers but we don’t feel peace in dead flowers or dead plants. To see our God we have to feel peace and feel the wind blow on us. It makes us feel warm even knowing it’s cold. No people can feel peace when they hear loud noises like gun shots. It makes us humans feel unsettled and we sense anger nearby. Elise

When you’re sad think of God and what God did to make people happy. My Grandma says to me when I can’t fall asleep, “Think of a place you like. A place that makes you happy.” So I think of God and say to my nightmares, “Go Away!” and it always works. God helps me and us in everything.  Arietta

I see God when I see bread and wine because at the Last Supper God’s son, Jesus, gave his disciples bread and wine to represent his blood and body. The blood is the wine and his body is the bread. I see God in humans and nature because God created things like people, plants, food and animals. God created nice things. Alessia

5/6 are currently exploring scripture using the 3 Worlds of the Text. Through our RE_T3_W10c.jpgfocus of prayer, we have been delving into how prayer can deepen our relationship with God and how it can take many forms. Recently we have being using the 3 Worlds of the Text to investigate the story in Luke’s Gospel of the Visitation of Mary. 5/6 have pondered some great wonderings about the gospel reading and completed a Visio Divina on an artwork that depicts this narrative.

Here are some of our wonderings: I wonder…

  • Who the other people are in the artwork?
  • Was Elizabeth wealthy?
  • Why they were wearing bright colours?
  • Where about in Judea they are?
  • Why the baby in Elizabeth leaped with joy?
  • Why they are all wearing either green or red?
  • Why they have halos above their heads?
  • Why the expressions on their faces look of pain and happy?

Religious Life of St Michael’s School Community

St Michael’s Feast Celebrations

Sunday 27th September is the Feast of Archangels and our own St Michael. Tomorrow (24th September) we will gather in classes to jointly celebrate the Feast of St Michael in our Whole School Prayer Time. Thank you to 3/4 for your preparation of this special celebration.


Thank you to all who attended our Information Zoom last Thursday. Please contact your class teacher if you have registered but your child has not yet brought home the preparation book. This will need to be completed at home in the coming weeks.

Please remember to book your family into one of the upcoming Parish Masses so you can make your commitments for preparation for Confirmation. Please let the priest know prior to Mass if you are making your commitment on the weekends of 26th & 27th September or 3rd & 4th October as school staff may not be present at these Masses.

Catholic Mission

October is Mission Month in the Catholic Church and as such we turn our thoughts to the missionary work being done here in Australia as well as overseas, helping those in poverty. Catholic Mission works in countries all around the world helping with food, education, health services and evangelisation. Learn more about their wonderful work here:

WSPT & Socktober

Friday 16th October we will hold a Whole School Prayer Time for Mission Month. Students in 1/2 are busy preparing for this special celebration. Children are also invited to take part in our annual Socktober campaign. For a gold coin donation students can wear socks as creatively as they like. Have you tried making a crown out of socks? What about a scarf? Money raised will be donated to Catholic Mission to support their on-going charitable works around the world.