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Drop off & Pick Up Arrangements Reminder

Until further notice we have started our revised drop off and pick up arrangements for all students. School Pick Up and Drop Off Points – Term 2 | Tuarthill Primary School

Morning Drop Off

Parents please drive through staff carpark to drop off. Students are not to get out of the car until they reach the front of the school, where a teacher will assist. Staff Carpark is not an area for parents to park.

We understand that some children may be quite anxious for the first few days. In this case, please park on the basketball court and walk your child to the teacher at the front of the school (which will most likely be Mr Ellis or Mr Webb) and they will take your child and assist them to enter into school.  

We are asking for parents to remain outside the school building. 

Afternoon Pick Ups

All Kindergarten students and their siblings, will be walked, by a teacher to the oval pick up area on Tyrrell Circuit. Please wait at your cars and not walk to the school. 

Singles (only child from a family at school), will be picked up via the staff carpark. Parents are asked to drive through (similar to morning drop offs) and pick up these children. A teacher will assist students getting picked up there. This space will need to be quick. Parents please remain in your car. 

All other family groups will be walked by a teacher to the basketball courts. We will use our little side road to wait. Parents park as normal on the basketball court and students will walk to your car. It is important that parents are very conscious of road safety when driving in and out of the basketball court area. 

Walkers and riders will go with the group of students (and teacher) based on their normal route home, whether they go the oval way, front of school or back gate. Any parents who meet children to walk home/ride home together, are asked to wait at the appropriate spot based on which way you travel (eg wait at end of oval area if you walk that way to your home etc). 

It is important if parents can remain in their pick up areas and not walk to the front of the school. With a change in arrangements, our priority is moving students safely to their pick up area and having parents at the front of the school will hamper these efforts. Please be patient and please wait in your pick up area and a teacher will walk your child/ren to that area. 

Any questions, please email Pat directly