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Student Welfare Officer - Shahenie Burns

How does nature effect our wellbeing? 


As we continue in this last week of blended remote learning, I must say I’ve been outside more than ever. In my garden, bike riding and walking around my house. Making the most of the sunshine and warmth. There is something special about having your face soaking up the sunrays!

So how does nature effect our wellbeing? Science reveals that environments can increase or reduce our stress which in turn impacts our bodies. What we see, hear and experience at any moment is changing not only our mood, but the way our bodies function.


Seeing our loved ones in nature also strikes something within us. Try and spend some time outside, looking through the window or at a book or images of nature.

I’m a crazy plant lover so my home is filled with an indoor jungle. Here are some images I’ve taken.

I’d love to see what kinds of nature is around your environment?

Please send to:


Mrs Shahenie Burns

Student Welfare Officer