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Student Welfare Officer - Shahenie Burns

I wanted to take the time to talk to you about meditation for kids and adults. 


Meditation is great:

  • to building concentration
  • strengthen your focus
  • reduce the amount of distractions
  • escape the world and its worries
  • healing effect on your body
I know it’s hard to get kids to sit still let alone meditate. Starting with a small amount of time is ideal. These are some apps you can download that can get you into the mood. If you have your own technique of slowing your breath this may work for your children.

2.jpgThere are also Mandala colouring sheets in your home pack which can be used to slow the mind for meditation.


How is a Mandala meditation? Loosely translation to mean “circle”, a Mandala is a simple shape, a geometric pattern. It’s usually in a shape of a circle representing wholeness. The circles we call earth, sun and moon are conceptual circles for friends, family and community.

 Mrs Shahenie Burns

Student Welfare Officer