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We would love to meet you and show you what our school has to offer. For the 2021 enrolment period we will be holding one-on-one Meet The Principal sessions. If you would like a copy of our prospectus, or to book one of these sessions, please pop your details in below.


Pat Ellis

St Michael’s School Motto is ‘Live in Harmony’. It symbolises our desire to live in

harmony with God, self, others and our environment. Each member of the St Michael’s community, including the Parish Priest and parishioners are encouraged to live in harmony by becoming directly involved in school activities and programs and sharing their unique gifts with the community. Harmony happens when people make a commitment to help one another and to work towards a common purpose.

Teaching and learning are the core business of our school. We acknowledge each individual’s learning style, challenge each person to reach his or her potential, and appreciate that learning takes place in a myriad of ways, happens all the time, and is life-long. Our community designs, supports and nurtures a flexible, durable and effective learning environment, which will define a progressive future for our children.

I encourage you to book a meeting with myself to learn more about the St Michael’s community.

Patrick Ellis,


Belc Region swimming team

“We've found that in particular the leadership is unbelievable. The special needs of my child have been handled with the utmost care, kindness and professionalism.” St Michael’s Parent

“St Michael's is a small school, but that is what makes it more of a family.  That feel is immediately obvious with the respect the students show each other and especially the teachers. These critical foundational building blocks for children in my opinion would be impossible in a large school and setup these children up for future life.” St Michael’s Parent

“The St Michael's community took us all under their wing and embraced us with love, understanding, compassion and patience.” St Michael’s Parent

“The school and its staff always go above and beyond, whether it be our child’s learning or the school fete,  everything they do is with the utmost dedication and professionalism.” St Michael’s Parent

“St Michael’s is a small, beautiful school, with a big heart, where children and families are valued and supported. We chose St Michael’s because we wanted our children to have a faith based education, where compassion and kindness for others were taught and lived within the school environment.” St Michael’s Parent