The purpose of homework given at this school is to allow children the opportunity to practise and receive affirmation for skills already presented in the classroom.  At no time should homework be regarded as punishment; or a time of anxiety or family disharmony; or be the type of work which required teacher assistance.  In no way should homework deprive the child of the chance to take part fully in family living - talking, listening, playing and sharing interests including work on the interesting things done at school.


The type of homework given may vary according to the needs of the child and class program.  Homework assignments may include gathering information on material for use in class, work on projects, hobbies, critically watching a television program, reading or spelling activities.  Children in Year 6 will be given some form of written homework so as to prepare them for Secondary School requirements. 


Flexibility regarding homework is considered essential.  Homework timing has been structured to also encourage the development of time management skills. Whilst the equivalent of four nights of homework content will be expected, a full week will be allocated to allow for flexibility in each family.  This gives parents the capacity to takes into account the sporting, extra curricula and their own commitments across the week, when organizing a homework schedule. If conditions at home prevent a child completing homework a brief note to the teacher is sufficient.


At the commencement of each school year, each class teacher will send home to parents detailed requirements for that particular class, including the maximum amount of time to be spent on homework activities.