Our School

 St Michael's Primary School



Our Vision

At St Michael’s Catholic Primary School we strive to foster hearts of compassion, kindness and forgiveness inspired by the life and teachings of Jesus.

The rainbow and the cross are symbols that remind us to live in harmony with all of God’s creation.



Our Mission

In the coming years, we will give expression to our mission by;

Being a people of harmony in a place of challenge inspired by the Gospels

Nurturing caring relationships that value the dignity of each person

Providing an authentic education for all students that is supportive and empowering

Taking stewardship of God’s creation to ensure its preservation



School Prayer 

I am a child of God

Today I will walk proudly because I am loved.

I will use my eyes to see the challenges before me.

I will use my words to build caring relationships.

I will use my ears to hear your message


Jesus, today I invite you into my heart

So that I may live in harmony with those around me

And have the courage to face the things I find difficult.