Newsletter Term Three


Week 1



Today, as a school, we celebrated Mass with Fr Loi.  We welcome Fr Loi from Adelaide.  At Mass, Fr Loi talked to us about being grateful. He asked us to say a prayer of thanks when we wake up and before we eat a meal.  


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Week 2



Thank you to the Grandparents' and Good Friends' who were able to come to St Michael's on Monday and help us celebrate Grandparents' and Good Friends' Day.  We loved having you here.  See more photo's in this week's newsletter. 


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Week 3



A great day was had by all at our athletics carnival last Thursday.  A special Thank You to all our parent volunteers that braved the cold and assisted on the day.  Don't forget to return your note if your child has been selected for the Belconnen Region carnival.


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Week 4



Yes it SNOWED yesterday.  The students were all very excited and got to have a play in the cold white flakes, but unfortunately were unable to make a snowman. 


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Week 5



Congratulations to all the Wakakirri students for their fantastic performance at the Canberra Theatre last night.


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Week 6



Today the Year 1/2 students held a baptism ceremony for their teddy bears and other special soft toys in their lives. 


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Week 7



Kinder, Year 1 and Year 2 began swimming lessons at the AIS this week.  The children have adapted quickly to the daily routine and are thoroughly enjoying their time in the pool.  Whilst the weather has been a little cool, the water is warm and the timing is perfect preparation for Summer.  Lessons continue next week.


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Week 8



Thank you to all of the dads and children that came together last Friday to celebrate Father’s Day.  Many families came to play a relaxed game of cricket, kick the footy, enjoy a sausage and share stories written by the students. 


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Week 9



Congratulations to Years 5 and 6 for presenting an amazing assembly last Friday. The students retold the story of the Rainbow Serpent and performed skits depicting the history of imigration in Australia. Well done! 


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Week 10



Today we celebrated St Michael's Day Feast.  We began our celebrations at Mass with Fr Loi.  The children then had fun playing cooperative games before most enjoyed a sausage sandwich.  Thank you to those who came to lend a hand, we couldn't have done it without you.


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