St Michael's Community Council



Working with the Parish Priest, Principal and staff, Council members provide leadership to the school community. 

The St Michael’s Primary School Community Council consists of the Council Executive which is made up of members from the following groups:


The Community Council Executive oversees the following groups:


The Community Council Executive has responsibility to take decisions in the following areas:


All families are requested to commit their support through involvement in at least one of the listed Council groups, ensuring achievement of a shared vision.


Community Council Members 2016

Council Chair:  Stuart Duncan

Vice Chair:  Fiona Scherl
Parish Administrator: Father Loi Viovicente
Parish Repesentative: Sr. Kate McMahon (Pastoral Assistant)
Principal: Mrs Judy Walsh
Secretary:  Anna Lutz
Treasurer:  Jeremy Lane
Parent Representative:  Belinda Larner
Parent Representative:  Nicole Dwight
Staff Representative:  Laura Frogley
Assistant Principal:  Breen Fox
Parent Network Committee:  Belinda Larner

2016 Community Council Meetings

2016 Community Council Meetings will be held on the 3rd Tuesday of each month during term time, commencing at 6.00pm at St Michael's Primary School.