Reporting to Parents



Communication between school and home begins when the teacher sends home an overview at the start of each term.  Towards the end of Term One, parents will be requested to attend a three-way conference with their child and the child’s teacher, following an opportunity for parents to review the workbooks.  This conference is designed to affirm the student in their efforts and support their plans for improvement. It takes the form of a child led discussion during which the child describes his or her learning,  mentions things that he or she has learnt, describes the learning process, and perhaps mentions something he or she finds challenging. This is an opportune time for the child to reflect on their progress so far and set goals for further development. The parents and the teacher make an action plan for working with the child to reach these goals.  The teacher keeps a record of the conference and a copy is forwarded to the parents.


Towards the end of Semester One, an ‘Open Classroom’ evening will be held to allow parents / families an opportunity to view both workbooks and other pieces of work displayed in the classroom.   Semester One reports are sent home in the last week of Term Two. Early in Term Three, an optional interview will be available for parents should there be anything from the report they wish to discuss further.  A second ‘Open Classroom’ evening will precede the Semester Two reports, which are sent home towards the end of Term Four. An opportunity for a meeting if required, will occur before the end of the year.


With the children’s progress as our focus, open communication between parents and teachers is strongly encouraged.  Should there be a concern about a child’s academic progress, work habits, behaviour, health matters or social interaction, it is essential that contact is made as the need arises, rather than waiting for formal reporting or conferences.


If parents have any matters concerning their children that they wish to discuss with the Principal, they are encouraged to do so by making an appointment either by phoning or at the front office of the school.