Parent Representative Network

The Parent Representative Network (PRN) is a group of volunteer parents from our school. The PRN will form a link between the classroom and the parents of the class. Ideally, each class will have their own 'Rep'.


The Role of the Parent Rep:Being a Parent Rep is not a BIG commitment, but it is a way of assisting the school which in turn benefits our children. As a Parent Rep you will:


Be a contact person for the class teacher: The Parent Rep will be a point of contact for the teacher when they require assistance in the classroom or for special projects; for example, co-ordinating extra assistance for excursions, when preparing for sacraments, assistance with Literacy or Numeracy blocks or for other special activities (art/craft/cooking/science). The Parent Rep should aim to touch base with the teacher at the beginning of each term or as required to discuss how parents can assist.


Be a contact person for the parents of your child's class: Parent Reps should be aware of what is happening at the school and in the classroom, and are therefore a good person for other parents to ask questions or get information from. To enable parents to meet and get to know each other, Reps will communicate information regarding class events. Parent Reps would also assist to welcome new families and offer assistance to families as required, for example when a baby is born.