Apps to be Installed for BYOiPad 2017


Dear Parents/Carers

In our preparation for BYODipad in 2017, please install the following apps on your child’s iPad prior to them bringing their device to school on the first day of Term 1, Monday 30 January 2017.

The apps are free and can be purchased through the App Store using your Apple ID.


List of Apps

Google Classrooms

Microsoft Powerpoint


Google Docs

Microsoft Excel


Google Slides

Microsoft Word


Google Drive

Microsoft Sway


Google Sheets

Adobe Spark Page

Maths Rockx

Google Chrome Web browser

Adobe Spark Video


Google Earth

Adobe Spark Post

Number pieces

Pic Collage for kids

Book Creator

Draw free


We also require iMovie to be installed. If a new device has been purchased this app will already be installed. If you have an older device which does not have iMovie installed, please see your classroom teacher.

Just a reminder as the family owns their device they can purchase other Apps at their discretion using their own iTunes Account. Parents will be required to set up an iTunes account (with an email account used for the Apple ID) for their child. In accordance with Apple’s terms and conditions, parents are asked to manage the Apple ID for children under 13 years of age. It must not be linked to their parents own Apple ID account OR credit card. It is our strong recommendation that any additional Apps be purchased using iTunes cards.